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Build antennas and µW passive components with blocks -  harware design kit

The Anten'it  hardware design kits consists of metallic & dialectric blocks for building antennas and passive microwave components of different types. Faster than a 3D printer and far more fun! Ideal for practical lab sessions and research, see the video here in the Anten'it website.


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Antenna Design Kits        <   video of lab session   >

Antenna Training Kit (for student practicals)
Build antennas and test with a network analyser. Contains blocks to build 6 different types of antennas (more types available as options).

Antenna Research Kit (for universities)
For academic research, fast construction and validation ofantenna design. Extensive catalogue of antennas, constrution manual and expected measurement results.

Antenna Design and Prototyping Kit (for engineers and physicists)
For fast building and testing of antenna prototypes. Includes an extensive catalogue of antennas, constrution manual and expected measurement results

Multi-Antenna Kit  (university of industrial research engineers who are not antenna designers)
For building, testing and modifying defined structures upto 6GHz. Extensive catalogue of antennas, detailled instructions and expected measurement results.



Microwave Design Kits         <  video of lab session  >

Microwave Training kit
For microwave laboratory sessions in passive microwave component design

Microwave Research Kit
For academos research to design and test designs easily

Multi-Microwave Kit
For system engineers and researchers, just select microwave components from the extensive range available

Microwave Design and Prototyping Kit
For Microwave engineers to test ideas rapidly and see the results in a short period of time


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