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¿Would you like a schematic diagram of only the electrical harness connections of interest rather than following signals on different diagrams or on paper?


Since 1990 Concept Engineering (Frieburg, Germany) develops EDA software tools to help understand, optimise and document electrical designs and systems. 

Concept Engineering products are used to display the electrical connectivity in many areas (transport and industrial vehicles, maríne, aerospace…)


Press release Feb. 2020 - visualisation of automotive and aerospace electrical systems 


Visualise electrical systems 

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Generate electrical connectivity diagrams for an electrical harness 

Instead of trying to trace an electrical signal across multiple pdf diagrams, what if you could: 

  • Generate a schematic that only shows the connections and componentes of interest? 
  • See only the connection diagram relevant to a particular (VIN) instead of all possible combinations? 
  • Enter a service code (DTC) to see the connections associated with this problem - for maintenance personnel anwhere in the world?
  • Search for a part-number or partial name of an element to see its connections?  (like a Google search)

Concept Engineering can translate a connectivity network from any CAD format for automatic and instantaneous schematic generation with the following software tools:

Electrical connection schematic visualisation for transport and industrial vehicles, marine and aerospace, for development, manufacturing and maintenance

Cloud-based electrical connection schematic visualisation


As well as NASA, many other manufacturers of transport and industrial vehicles, boats and satellites benefit from Concept Engineering's technology to visualise and better understand the electrical connectivity of their products.

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