IPGuardV2” is an IP switch designed for broadcast, switches IP streams (TS, RTP...) in contribution an distribution links.



What is an intelligent broadcast IP switch from ENENSYS?

What is it for?

The IPGuardV2 IP switch avoids problems such as glitches and black-out when switching between redundant links. This helps the installer comply with SLA service contract terms without losing sleep.

It enables true flawless, low-latency “seamless switching”.

IPGuardV2 is used in TV studios, for contribution to DVB-T/T2, transmission towers, at satellite teleports, cable TV head ends and IPTV & OTT deployments.


How does it work?

Because switches from manufacturers such as Cisco or Juniper are not designed for broadcast, they will happily switch and transmit a corrupted AV stream (“garbage-in garbage-out”).

The intelligent IPGuardV2 broadcast switch from ENENSYS selects the best IP flow based on in-packet broadcast criteria for basic and advanced IP conditions according to audio-visual information (ETR290 1/2/3 for TSoIP & SMPTE2022-7 for RTP). The IPGuardV2 can switch at both flow level and at interface level and is therefore far superior to a standard Telco product.

The IP switch is bi-directional and both outputs are normally configured to mirror the selected input.

Is it easy to integrate in my IP network?

Yes, the ENENSYS IP switch does not have an IP address (MAC address) so it is not necessary to reconfigure your IP network.

If the power fails, the input is connected to the output, “bypass/pass-through and there is no single point of failure because it does not have an IP address .

There is also an option to change the multicast IP address.

What else?



  • 2:1 & 3:1 automatic redundancy in the same equipment

  • Maintains synchronisation in an SFN (Single Frequency Network) due to the high precision internal clock

  • Reduce network jitter (network jitter agnostic)

  • Up to 6 IPGuardV2 modules can be mounted inside a 1RU chassis. Each module switches 6 TSoIP / RTP flows with AV analysis and seamless switching + 60 basic IP flows.

  • An a single link, the IP packet loss is reduced(Dual IP feature) with FEC and time diversity (correction of packet orders)

More information about IPGuard v2  | datasheet

Can I trust ENENSYS?

ENENSYS has been developing products for digital TV since 2004. Based in Rennes almost 90% its revenue is from outside France. ENENSY has recently purchased other companies from the AV sector (TeamCast, Expway…)

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