PTP 10G & 1G Ethernet switch

PTP 10G & 1G Ethernet switch based on the SMPTE 2110-10 timing standard.

AV Broadcast, security (autonomous vehicles), finance, telcos …

for audio and audio over IP consoles, certified by Riedel, Clear Com, RAVENNA AES67 approved.

The problem is syncronisation


To maintain the audio synchronised with the video (lip sinc) in asynchronous IP packet networks is is mandatory to control the timing.

The solution is PTP "Precision Time Protocol"

The IEEE 1588 “Precision Time Protocol” (PTP) standard allows synchronisation of equipment clocks with nano second precision in a network of hundreds of nodes. With a clock derived from the GNSS/GPS signal the PTP protocol give a precise and stable time reference for all types of audio-visual signals.

The Ethernet "Quarra PTP" switch from ARTEL

The “Quarra PTP switch” from ARTEL is a “de-facto” switch for audio based on AES67/ SMPTE ST-2059-2 (IEEE1588) with the new timing standard SMPTE ST 2110-10.

There are 10G , 1G (1RU) y 1G “compact” (½ RU) versions.

 Why is the "Quarra" from ARTEL the best Ethernet PTP switch?

  1. PTP boundary: Segmentation of the broadcast network is of primary importance and the Quarra PTP switch allows control of negotiation traffic.
  2. Ethernet: Instead of SFPs with their additional costs, the Quarra PTP switch Ethernet ports (1G and 10G versions) carry large amounts of data.
  3. Strong IGMP support: All versions of IGMP are supported which allows a seamless connection between senders and receivers.
  4. Size: 1RU and ½ RU “compact” version with 10 ports to connect more devices with less cabling
  5. Fast response time: just 18 seconds ...
  6. Top-quality technical support: naturally from ARTEL