MRC Gigacomp componentes RF y microondas

Capax Infinity represents MRC-Gigacomp in Spain and Portugal.   MRC-Gigacomp is the european distributor of RF and microwave component manufacturers such as Qorvo (RFMD+Triquint),  IPP,   Barry,  CELVectawave etc.

MRC Gigacomp manufacturers

MRC GIGACOMP is a european distributor of RF µW components and test equipment.

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RF & Microwave sectors

Broadband & CATV

PAs, low-noise amplifiers, mixers, filters, cables, connectors.


Sub-systems, antennas, amplifiers, semiconductors, filters, IED-jamming, EW, Sigint, VHF & UHF communications, test equipment.


Instrumentation amplifiers

Space & HiRel

MMICs, amplifiers GaN GaAs, connectors, terminations, sub-systems.


GaN power transistors, semiconductors, BAW & SAW filters and test equipment for PMR, TETRA, GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G.