Who is AXTAL?

AXTAL was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of TELE QUARZ.   AXTAL designs, manufactures and tests their oscillators near Heidelberg in southern Germany. 
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Why is AXTAL different?

AXTAL is a specialist low-volume manufacturer that also develops custom products. AXTAL is also the european representative of Croven Crystals, Magic Crystal and ELECSPN SPACEON (atomic clocks).

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New products from AXTAL

Miniature vibration isolated OCXOs

The legacy AXIOM260 and popular AXIOM210 are now complemented by vibration-isolated OCXO in smaller packages.


The new SMD TCXO line AXLE145HF offers ultra-low phase noise with a floor down to -180 dBc/Hz in the VHF frequency range from 60 MHz to 150 MHz. It comes in the small CO 27 package with 14x9 mm footprint.

The Ultra-low phase noise TCXO AXLE145HF covers the frequency range 70 MHz to 125 MHz in a tiny 11.4x9.6 mm SMD package


The smallest OCXO AXIOM114 comes in a hermetically sealed SMD package of 15x10 mm² with a height of only 8 mm. With 3.3 V supply it offers frequency stabilities as good as ±5 ppb, aging of less than ±0.1 ppm/year and covers a wide temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Highest frequency stabilities as low as ±0.05 ppb (±5•10-11) with a holdover of <1 µs over 8 hours can be achieved with the double-oven OCXO (DOCXO) AXIOM40/45HS. It is housed in a compact "Eurocase" CO08 package 36x27 mm² with only 16 mm height

New GPS disciplined OCXOs (GPSDOs)


  • AXGPS5050: Compact PCB-mountable GPSDO with 50x50 mm² footprint
  • AXGPS9000: GPSDO in a slim 19 inch /1 HU rack

High-Precision quartz crystals

(from CROVEN CRYSTALS with more than 50 years of experience)

  • Precision crystal products are available in all industry standard cold weld (CW) enclosures from 1 MHz to more than 200 MHz.
  • In addition CROVEN is QPL approved since 1967 and is offering a full range of standard crystals per MIL-PRF-3098.

Link to more information about Precision Crystals and High-Rel CR-type crystals of MIL-PRF-3098

QPL quartz crystals for Space

Crystals for space applications, compliant to ESA specifications, namely

  • ESCC3501/001, 3501/008, 3501/011, 3501/012 and 3501/018 in HC-35/U (TO-5) enclosure for the frequency range 8 MHz to 140 MHz
  • ESCC3501/002, 3501/009, 3501/019 in HC-37/U (TO-8) enclosure for the frequency range 2.5 MHz to 26 MHz

Available as replacement of obsolete suppliers.  Enquiries for customer specific variants are welcome.


The OCXO AXIOM6060 from AXTAL is included in the ESA preferred components list(EPPL).

New atomic frequency standards

AXTAL is offering a new line of Atomic Frequency Standards, with a frequency accuracy and stability several orders of magnitude better than high-stability crystal oscillators.

  • AXCPT1040: Smallest Miniature Atomic Clock in CPT technology, in 45x35 mm² package, replacement of CSAC
  • AXRB1000 series: compact Rubidium Clocks in connectorised packages, cross-reference to LPRO and X72
  • AXRB9000: High-stability Low Noise Rubidium Clock in a slim 19 inch /2 HU rack
  • AXCS9000 & AXCS9100: Optically-pumped Cesium Primary Reference Clock (PRC) with 10 years designed lifetime

Our GPS disciplined OCXO (GPSDO) line comprises the following models

  • AXGPS5050: Compact PCB-mountable GPSDO with 50x50 mm² footprint
  • AXGPS9000: GPSDO in a slim 19 inch /1 HU rack